FOH - July (posted July 20, 2018)

Health Considerations When Attending the Fair

Sanitize your hands before and after you handle the animals or when entering and leaving

the barns or areas where the animals are being kept. Various gastrointestinal illnesses can

be acquired by unknowingly ingesting bacteria or other contaminants found in areas

where animals are being kept. It is best practice to wash your hands before

putting anything into your mouth (food, drink, fingers, pacifiers, etc),

especially after handling or being around animals.

Leave baby strollers outside the barn areas and carry small children

through the barn so they do not come into contact with animal waste

or infected materials such as animal bedding.

Keep hydrated and stay out of the sun. Use a high rated

SPF sun screen to avoid overexposure and wear a hat

to keep the sun off your face.

The Langlade County Health Department invites

everyone to come out to the fair and see all the

exhibits and animals. Have fun on the rides,

watch the shows, enjoy the family friendly

atmosphere, and be safe.

1225 Langlade Road, Antigo • 715-627-6250