Annual Report

Forestry Annual Report
Langlade County Health Department 2020 Annual Report

ATV Ordinance

ATV Ordinance - see ordinance here

Civil Process

Civil Process Information Sheet

Community Health Guide for Teens

Community Health Guide for Teens

Community Health Improvement Plan

Langlade County Health Department 2016-2021 Community Health Improvement Plan 2020 Annual Review
Langlade County Community Health Improvement Plan 2016-2021
Community Needs Assessment 2019-2022
Community Health Improvement Plan 2010-2015

Corporation Counsel - 3 Party Petition - Developmental Disability

3 Party Petition - Checklist for Developmental Disability

Corporation Counsel - Alcohol - 3 Party Petition

Alcohol - 3 Party Petition

Corporation Counsel - Alcohol - Involuntary Commitment Checklist

Alcohol - Checklist

Corporation Counsel - Involuntary Commitment

3 Party Petition - Involuntary Commitment - Mental, Drug, Developmental Disability Form

County Board

Rules of County Board


Safe Home Resources


Langlade County Application

Event Request Form

Event Request Form

Event Scheduling

Key Request Form - Events

HeART is live!

Land Sales

Land Sales

Mental and/or Drug Dependency

Checklist Mental and/or Drug Dependency

Road Limits

Road Limits - see list of roads here

Timber Sale Bid Comparison

Timber Sale Bid Comparison

Timber Sale Prospectus

Timber Sale Prospectus

Timber Sale Summary

Timber Sale Summary

Vital Forms

Birth Certificate Application
Death Certificate Application
Divorce Certificate Application
Marriage Certificate Application

Winter Storage Space Information

Livestock Pavilion Storage Space Lease
Receipt of Unit
Winter Storage Deposit


Zoning Forms