Children and Family Services or Child Protective Services (CPS) - a specialied field of the child welfare system. CPS intervention is warranted whenever there is a report that a child may be unsafe, abused, or neglected, or be at risk of abuse or neglect. The purpose is to identify and alter family conditions that make children unsafe or place them at risk for abuse or neglect.

Answer:  There are different types of child abuse and they are as follows:

PHYSICAL ABUSE - Physical abuse is non-accidental injury or pattern of injury by a parent or caregiver.
NEGLECT - Physical neglect means that a parent or caregiver  (for reasons other than poverty) is not meeting the basic physical needs of the child.
SEXUAL ABUSE - Sexual abuse includes fondling, masturbation, oral or anal sex, sexual intercourse, pornography and forced prostitution.
EMOTIONAL ABUSE - Emotional abuse involves consistent berating and rejection treatment, scapegoating of a child and bizarre/cruel ritualistic forms of punishment (locking a child in a closet, tying a child to a bedpost) by the parent or caregiver.

Any person who has reason to suspect a child is being abused or neglected can report.  There are many professionals that are required to report by law.

   3.    WHO DO I REPORT TO?
Between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. call Langlade County Department of Social Services (627-6500) and ask to speak with an intake worker.  After hours contact the Langlade County Sheriff's Department (627-6411).