Special Response Team (SRT)
The Langlade County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team was established in the early 1980’s. The team's primary functions are the response to high-risk tactical situations, armed/barricaded suspects, hostage situations, and the service of high-risk arrest/search warrants within Langlade County.  The team also provides assistance to surrounding agencies in time of need.

This team is comprised of sworn officers from the Langlade County Sheriff's Office and the City of Antigo Police Department.  Additionally, the team utilizes Tactical Emergency Medical Services personnel from the Antigo Fire Department.  Assignment to the team is voluntary and subject to a selection process. The assignment is outside of an officer's regular duties.

Group photo SRT team   Photo of SRT tactical vehicle

Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)
The Crisis Negotiation Team is utilized for crisis, hostage, barricade, and active shooter situations that occur in Langlade County.  The team is available for assisting surrounding counties if needed by approval from the Sheriff and Chief of Police.  Each member of the negotiation team has completed the week long FBI Training/Certification.  Members also attend various training events hosted by the Wisconsin Crisis Negotiators Association, as well as local training with the Langalde County SRT  team.
The negotiation team is responsible for attempting contact with suspect(s)/subjects(s), gathering intelligence and attempts to coordinate a peaceful resolution to the incident.  The team also maintains communications with the officer in charge and special response team leader.

Snowmobile Patrol
Snowmobile Trails in Langlade County, Wisconsin are developed and maintained by the Langlade County Forestry and Recreation Department, and 10 different snowmobile clubs in Langlade County. There are over 530 miles of state approved and user funded snowmobile trails. Langlade County has an excellent reputation on keeping the trails well groomed and marked.

Our deputies patrol trails throughout the county in teams of 2. The goal of our patrol unit is to keep the trails safe for families that want to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Langlade County. You may also see our unit at various local events supporting snowmobile clubs, ice fishing tournaments and activities at Kettlebowl Ski Hill.
Deputy on snowmobile  Two snowmobiles
Deputy on snowmobile  Two snowmobiles on trailer