Request for Records

Requestor please note:  Under Wisconsin law a request for access to a public record “is deemed sufficient if it reasonably describes the requested record or the information requested.  However, a request for a record without a reasonable limitation as to the subject matter or length of time represented by the records does not constitute a sufficient request.”  See 19.35(1) Wis. Stats.
Under Wisconsin law, a request for access to a public record may not be refused “because the person making the request is unwilling to be identified or to state the purpose of the request.”  See 19.35(1) Wis. Stats.  You are being asked to provide this information on a voluntary basis.
The files from the records department of the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office are to be considered as investigative only.  You must contact the Langlade County Clerk of Courts to obtain a disposition for a specific charge.
Privacy, confidentiality, and safety concerns related to victims and witnesses have been and will continue to be carefully considered by the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office Records Custodian when making public records release decisions.  These important concerns generally are addressed in case-by-case application of the public records balancing test which, under appropriate circumstances, allows sensitive information to be redacted or withheld.
The Langlade County Sheriff’s Office may have records exempt from disclosure by other state statutes (unless authorized by an exception or other provision in the statutes themselves).  For example:  Healthcare records, Dispatch ambulance calls, emergency detention, children and juveniles. 
Any denial of an Open Records Request may be subject to review in an action for mandamus under Wisconsin Statutes Section 19.37(1), or by application to the District Attorney or Attorney General under Section 19.35(4)(b).

If there are charges pending adjudication on this case you may want to file discovery through the Langlade County District Attorney’s Office to help identify disclosure of the records you have requested.  Wis. Stats. 19.35(1)(am)(1).  They may be reached at 715-627-6320.  Please click here to search if there are charges pending adjudication through Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.   

Open Records/Accident Reports
Accident Reports $4.00 (prepaid fee)
Incident Reports $4.00 up to 10 pages (.10 per page over 10)
Photographs:  CD is $4.00 - Printed 3 x 5 on standard paper is .50 cents per photo
Audio/Video CD/DVD:  $4.00 each
Click here for Open Records Request Form

Accident reports can also be accessed by going to (report number should have been received on scene from deputy)

All report requests and applicable fees can be mailed to:
Langlade County Sheriff’s Office
Attn: Records Department
840 Clermont St.
Antigo  WI  54409

Further questions can be directed to (715) 627-6408 or e-mail at 

For criminal history records, you must complete a Wisconsin Criminal History form.  This form is mailed with applicable fees to the address listed on the form.