The Langlade County Jail is a highly complex organization. On the most basic level, the jail must provide its inmate population a full array of services, including meals, medical and mental health care, clothing and linens, laundry, visitation, mail and telephone, addiction and religious programs, and access to courts and attorneys.

In 2019 the Langlade County Jail had an average daily population of 84  inmates. The Correctional Officer is one of the few jobs in which you must supervise people on your first day of work. More importantly, you must supervise people who do not want to be supervised and may have violent tendencies.
The Correctional Officers of the Langlade County Jail are dedicated professionals that work holidays, weekends, and during night time hours when most people are sleeping. Please take a moment to thank all corrections professionals for what they do but more importantly – the Correctional Officers of the Langlade County Sheriff’s Office for all that they do and the personal sacrifices they make to ensure that our community remains a safe place to live, work and play.     

Old Jail and First Courthouse

Old Jail (left) and First Court House
A January 5, 1932 newspaper article says when the first court house was torn down some of the lumber became a floor in the W.J. White house in the Town of Rolling and part of a barn in Elmhurst

Todays Safety Building

Today's Safety Building and Jail