Langlade County Sheriff's Office
840 Clermont Street
Antigo, WI 54409

Sheriff Mark Westen
Phone:  715-627-6401/Fax:  715-627-6431

Chief Deputy Dan Bauknecht
Phone:  715-627-6428/Fax:  715-627-6431

Lieutenant Greg Carter
Phone:  715-627-6437/Fax:  715-627-6431 or 715-627-6433

Administrative Assistant Paula Resch
Phone:  715-627-6408/Fax:  715-627-6431

Administrative Assistant Ashley Donovan
Phone: 715-627-6408 / Fax:  715-627-6431

Dispatch Supervisor Jolene Hartman
Phone:  715-627-6403/Fax:  715-627-6433

Jail Administrator Heidi Walrath
Phone: 715-627-6546/Fax: 715-627-6432

Phone:  715-627-6411/Fax:  715-627-6433

Phone:  715-627-6444/Fax:  715-627-6432

The Langlade County Sheriff’s Office employs 46 full time staff, 4 part time and 2 casual: 
  • Sheriff
  • Chief Deputy
  • Lieutenant
  • 3-Detective Sergeants
  • 4-Sergeants
  • 9-Deputies
  • Jail Administrator 
  • 19 Corrections officers (includes 4-Sergeants)
  • Dispatch Supervisor
  • 8 Telecommunicators
  • 2-Administrative Assistants
The Administrative Division is the headquarters of the Sheriff and Chief Deputy.  This division provides the direction, coordination and control necessary to ensure successful accomplishment of the office's mission and vision.  The administrative staff consists of: 
  • Sheriff
  • Chief Deputy
  • Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
  • Specific functions include, but are not limited to:
  • Budget administration for the Sheriff's Office
  • Payroll functions for the Sheriff's Office
  • Policy development
  • Management of grant-funded programs
  • Planning, coordination and management of training
All records are managed and maintained by the administrative assistant on behalf of the sheriff, who is the legal custodian of law enforcement records.  Click for Open Records link

Civil Process
All Civil Process records are managed and maintained by the administrative assistant on behalf of the sheriff as it is a statutory duty of the sheriff required by Wisconsin Statute 59.27(4).  Click for Civil Process link

Financial Officer
All financial transactions are managed and maintained by the administrative assistant on behalf of the sheriff's office including jail inmate commissary accounts.