Report Spills Immediately call 1-800-943-0003On April 17, 2018 the Langlade County Board approved updates to the Langlade County Manure Storage Ordinance, effective immediately.

The purpose of the Manure Storage Ordinance is to prevent water pollution and protect the water resources within Langlade County. In order to do this, the ordinance regulates the location, design, construction, installation, and management of animal waste storage facilities.

An Manure Storage Permit is required for construction, modification, or abandonment of an animal waste storage facility in Langlade County.
Things to know when applying for a permit:
  • Construction shall not begin until after a permit has been issued by the Land Conservation Department
  • Two working-days notice must be given to the LCD prior to construction
  • Animal Waste Storage Permits are good for two years from the date of issuance
  • Construction Certification is required within 10 days of project completion                                                           

Manure Storage Permits Fees
Construction or Alteration  $250.00                                                                
Abandonment                      Free
Manure Storage Minimum Design Standards
NRCS 313 Waste Storage Facility – 2014 (2017 version yet to be approved by Committee)
NRCS 360 Waste Facility Closure – 2013 (2018 version yet to be approved by Committee)
NRCS 590 Nutrient Management – 2015
NRCS 634 Waste Transfer - 2014           

Manure pit construction and abandonment projects may be eligible for cost-sharing through the Langlade County Land Conservation Department. To have schedule a visit to your farm to determine if your project is eligible for cost-share funds, please, contact our office.