Farmland Perservation efforts in Langlade County are guided by our Langlade County Comprehensive Plan 2019. This helps to promote consistency in planning efforts in Langlade County and is in effect for 10 years from the date of adoption. 

 Goal of Farmland Preservation: To protect and promote economically productive farmlands and forests.

Potato field in blossom
    1. Work to preserve farming as a viable occupation within the County.
    2. Limit the number of non-farm uses in agricultural areas.
    3. Minimize the conversation of agricultural lands and woodlands in to other uses.
    4. Encourage retaining large, contiguous, forestry and farmland tracts.
    The Department seeks to achieve these objectives in a variety of ways, including:
    • Encourage the development and utilization of Nutrient Management Plans.
    • Promote farmland preservation programs from all levels of government.
    • Promote agricultural cost share programs to farmers.
    • Promote DATCP’s tax credit program for eligible farmland owners.
    • Promote Managed Forest Law participation to forestland owners. 
    Farmland Preservation Resources:
    Farmland Preservation Tax Credit Fact Sheet
    A quick overview of the Farmland Preservation Tax Credit
    Farmland Preservation and Ag. Enterprise Areas Presentation
    A quick oveview of the Farmland Preservation Program and AEA's in Langlade County 
    Flow chart: Do I qualify for farmland preservation tax credits?
    An easy to understand elegibility flowchart. 
    Online AEA Map
    A tool developed to allow you to see if your land is located inside an AEA.
    Agricultural Performance Standards
    A link to NR 151, the administrative code pertaining to agricultural operations.