Cost Share Overview:

Every year Langlade County receives a Soil and Water Resource Management (SWRM) grant from the state of Wisconsin to fund soil and water conservation activities in Langlade County. The grant awards counties funds not only to provide and support staff to do conservation work in each county, but also to provide cost sharing to implement conservation practices on the landscape. These cost share dollar’s fall into two categories:
  1. Bond Funds, which are used to help fund projects that limit erosion and/or water contamination and;
  2. SEG Funds, which can be used to help fund projects that implement Nutrient Management related practices. 
The typical cost share system consists of the county funding up to 70% where the the owner/ farmer pays for the remaining cost 30%. The funding may vary but the most the county will pay is for up to 70% of the project.

*Please be aware that the county only awarded a limited amount of bond funding and if demand is high, there might be situations where we can’t fit your project in immediately. If you have a larger project such as construction of a manure pit, be sure to plan ahead.

If you are interested in reducing erosion impacts and help keep our surface water clean please contact the Land Conservation office at 715-627-6206

Here are a few cost share projects that the county has done in the past. For a full list of DATCP Soil & Water Resources Management cost share programs click here. 
  • Animal lanes
  • Animal waste storage facilities
  • Animal waterlines
  • Access roads
  • Culvert stabilization
  • Cover crops
  • Grazing plans
  • Livestock fences
  • Shoreline erosion control
  • Shoreline stabilization
  • Wind breaks

For cost share programs along waterways or around lakes please look under Shoreland Restoration tab and underneath Cost Share.