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The GIS Portal shown here and linked below is for Langlade County.  These are some of the most asked questions and quickest solutions to get to the information you are looking for.  An additional link is listed on the bottom of this page for the City of Antigo, it has other data not shown on the county website
Image Link to Langlade County GIS Website
Website for GIS Parcel and Tax data for Langlade County

Property Tax Data

The tax information is included in the parcel data as you search through the GIS website.
The best way to find your tax information once you get into the website is by using the Advanced Tab.
The information is listed under the Report button in the Parcel Feature Information Frame as you look at a single parcel.
An image is included to help you in your search.
Report Button image

SEARCH Suggestions

The Advanced Tab is your friend, this tab is the preferred method of searching.  It is located in the upper left and highlighted here.
Location of Advanced Tab on GIS Portal image

Selecting layers on the left hand side will greatly impact your viewing.  In the picture below you can see that Base Layers has a checkbox active as well as the Road Layers being active.  Annotation (definition) Layer, Zoning Layers, Other Layers, and Imagery are all not checked. Nothing will show for these.
Search Layers image for GIS Portal website

The small arrow button on the left hand side of the folders will open the group of layers.  Having the box checked will display those chosen layers.
In the example below I highlighted and expanded a couple of the groups.  The Road Layers group is checked and the individual layers inside of it are checked so US Highways, State Highways, and County Roads will be displayed.  None of the Zoning Group nor any of its layers will be shown until that box is checked and selected layers chosen.
Image of groups of GIS layers some open and some closed.

WBIC Codes

These codes identify the Water Bodies within the State of Wisconsin using the Department of Natural Resource (DNR) Water Body ID Codes or (WBIC) for short. That code relates to the following bits of information on the Water Bodies through the DNR Surface Water Data Viewer link below.  You can also google DNR Surface Water Data Viewer and the same thing will pop up on top.

A overall map of Wisconsin comes up with various instructions and lots of other information.  
Department of Naturals Resources in Wisconsin has a Surface Water Data Viewer.  This image shows that utility application on their website with a highlighted Search Bar. Specifically for our purposes here in the Search Bar on the upper right shown here.
Type the WBIC code into that search bar and hit Enter or click on the Hourglass figure like a great many other applications in use today.

We have an example listed below of following those instructions and using the WBIC for Partridge Lake with a code of 1009500.

Surface Water Data Viewer sample image of Partridge Lake in Langlade County WI. There is a wealth of information following those blue links such as 'About the Water', 'Lake Page', and 'Metadata' when needed.  
The links may provide an enormous amount of data on the lake regarding Conditions, Fish & Habitat, Surface Area, Maximum Water Depth,  and so on and so forth.  Not every body of water has the same amount of data collected, but still there is information of some kind if it has been given a WBIC code.


City of Antigo Web Portal
City of Antigo GIS Portal

If you notice any parcel discrepencies at the county level or have questions please contact us.
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