The use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used extensively to store geographic related data for cities, counties, and states.  Displaying a map and some of its layers is one of the ways which a GIS system can be used to examine a part of the data.  We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of this data.  The GIS system online however is not to be used for legal purposes, is not survey grade and has locations where some degree of error takes place.  Please pass along any concerns or ideas.

Functions and Duties

  • Serve as a member of the Wisconsin Land Information Council as a Land Information Officer (LIO).
  • Assist with the implementation and maintenance of the county’s Land Records Modernization Plan required by the State through a program called the WI Land Information Program (WLIP).
  • Administer and maintain a computerized, integrated, countywide GIS and LIS.
  • Develop GIS Macros, scripts and procedures to automate functions insuring efficient operation of the GIS system.
  • Import and convert data supplied by other departments and agencies.
  • Provide training to County staff in the use and application of GIS systems.
  • Assist the public in best practices using County GIS data.
  • Maintain the knowledge and skills deemed necessary to proficiently execute the duties of this position.
  • Integrate imagery including LIDAR into County GIS systems.  LiDAR was flown in 2017 and delivered the Summer of 2018.  A 3d public tool was developed and is available.

Land Information Officer (LIO)  Spring 2022 Update

  • Parcel maintenance is ongoing & updated online monthly.  Common examples: Zoning Amendments, yearly Splits & Joins, inherited error correction, addressing.  
  • A parcel update is sent to the City of Antigo at least quarterly. 
  • A PLSS search tool, Map of Survey, & Tie Sheet search along with associated files has been added to the County GIS Website.
  • The 8th version of our County data was sent to the State of WI as part of the Wisconsin Land Information Program (WLIP).
  • Plat Book revised for 2021.
  • A new set of trail sign intersections is in the works for 2022 moving forward.
  • Support for the County Clerk during the Redistricting Process.  Current Supervisory Districts and Wards available as part of county website. 
  • Viewing links from many historic storms and a link to 2019 WI Emergency Managment (WEM) photos now available.
  • County 911 work is ongoing as two systems and future NG911 (Next Gen 911) efforts require GIS files. 
  • A COVID 19 Dashboard was developed to assist the Health Department and the Public, retooled again in January 2022.
  • New asset management system in the works for culverts and other infrastructure.  
  • Broadband participation through both County Comittees & WI Land Informaiton Association (WLIA) workgroups, this is an ongoing process.

There are approximately 30,000 parcels within the county.  If errors are found or questions come to mind please don't hesitate to contact us.

Version 1 Langlade County mini mapJust a short few years ago the main parcel layer looked something like this.
Missing Townships when version 1 was submitted for 2015
Langlade (North and South)

Contact:  Joe Martell - GIS Coordinator
Phone: 715-627-6384
Fax: 715-627-6281
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Physical Address:  837 Clermont Street, Antigo, WI, 54409