The County Board of Adjustment is an appellate board required by state law, Sec. 59.69 Wis. Stats, in any municipality that has adopted a zoning ordinance. The board does not have authority to amend or repeal any provision of the zoning ordinance. Its authority is limited to, (1) appeals regarding interpretations of ordinance provisions, (2) consideration of variances to dimensional standards and, (3) consideration of conditional use permits. The board functions like a Court. Its purpose is to give a full and fair hearing to any person whose property interests are affected by these matters. Its job is to apply the zoning ordinance and appropriate legal standards to the facts of each case. The board meeting and public hearings are open to the public.

For more information on the Board of Adjustment please refer to the state statute mentioned above, Section 17.64 of the Langlade County Code of Ordinances, or contact the Langlade County Land Records & Regulation's Department.

Contact:  Jeff McKinney - Code Administrator
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