A potato planter being driven at the Agricultural Research Station.Nutrient Management allows farmers to apply the right source of nutrients at the right time, rate, and place to meet crop needs and minimize nutrient losses from fields. Nutrient management plans account for all activities on the farm that could affect nutrient needs and losses during one crop rotation.​ ​It also accounts for soil type, slope, crop rotations, and residual nutrients, and includes both manure and commercial fertilizers. It requires:
  • Soil testing
  • Record keeping
  • Annual crop management according to University of Wisconsin recommendations
  • Meeting state and ​federal standards
Cost-sharing funds may be available to implement nutrient management on your farm.

Langlade County offers free Nutrient Management Education for Farmers training each winter. Learn how to understand what is in your existing Nutrient Management Plan, make updates to a plan, or write your own Nutrient Management Plan. Watch the event calendar for upcoming dates or contact our office for more details.

Langlade County Land Conservation utlized SnapPlus, free nutrient management software, for nutrient management planning and review. You can download the software for free today.

Check out this brochure from DATCP for more information on Nutrient Management.