Langlade County’s Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan drives the work conducted within the Land Conservation Department. The LWRM Plan outlines a comprehensive strategy for the implementation of soil and water conservation in Langlade County from 2015-2019.

2015-2019 Work Plan Goals:
Goal 1:  Protect and improve surface and groundwater
Goal 2:  Promote working forests and farms
Goal 3:  Control invasive species
Goal 4:  Protect public health from unwanted chemical waste
Goal 5:  Develop online presence for public education
Goal 6:  Improve forest silviculture for multiple uses
Goal 7:  Manage wildlife conflicts

This plan has been adopted by Langlade County and it guides the following programs and ordinances that are used to achieve these goals. View the plan here: Land & Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan (pdf)

The Langlade County 2020-2029 Land & Water Resource Management Plan was approved after review by the Land & Water Conservation Board.

View a copy of the approved plan here: 2020-2029 Langlade County Land & Water Resource Management Plan

If you have questions or comments regarding the draft plan, please contact the Land Conservation Department to speak with our staff.

The Langlade County Conservation Department has programs targeted to conserve and protect our natural resources. 

Programs include:
  • Manure Storage Ordinance
  • Farmland Preservation
  • Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program
  • Conservation Cost-sharing Programs
  • Managed Grazing Assistance
  • Nutrient Management Program
  • Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims
  • Invasive Species Control and Prevention
  • Pollinator Habitat and Health
  • Lake Health and Shoreland Restoration
  • Information and Education
  • Nutrient Management Planning - SNAP Plus
  • Restriction maps - Manure Management Advisory System's mapping