The County Treasurer's office is responsible for receiving and receipting all moneys from all sources belonging to the county, keeping a true and correct account of all receipts and expenditures, and collecting postponed and delinquent real estate taxes as well as maintaining accurate records of such.

Please contact the County Treasurer's Office if you need information about Real Estate Taxes and/or Real Estate Descriptions.

**All address changes must be sent to the Treasurers office via mail or email**

• 1st Installment of current year Real Estate Taxes are due by January 31 to the Town Treasurer.
• Please Note: First Half Property Taxes Cannot be Paid Through the Online Service. They must be paid to the TOWN Treasurer.
• Online payment service is available starting February 1st. You can not pay current taxes online during the months of December and January.

Please note that a convenience fee will be applied to all transactions online:

Credit Card - 2.39%
Visa Debit Card - $3.95
Echeck - $1.50

The Langlade County Treasurer doesn't receive the convenience fee.

• 2nd Installment of current year Real Estate Taxes are due by July 31 to the Langlade County Treasurer.  Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for us to return a receipt.

Lottery and Gaming Credit - are you eligible?

Wisconsin has a Lottery & Gaming credit available for real estate property owners. It is a credit off your real estate tax bill.  To qualify, you must own the property as of January 1st and use the property as your primary residence as of that date. If you believe you qualify and are not receiving the credit, contact the County Treasurer's office or forms are available online at

Tammy Wilhelm, County Treasurer
Sherri Hunter, Deputy Treasurer


Contact:  Tammy Wilhelm - Treasurer
Phone: 715-627-6204
Mailing Address:  800 Clermont Street
Antigo, WI 54409
Hours:  8:30am til 4:30pm Monday-Friday