Small Claims Court

Resources for Small Claims Court

Forms and instructions to file a small claims action for Langlade County Small Claims Court are available at the Clerk of Court's Office. Small Claims forms and pro se (self-representation) assistance are available on the Wisconsin Court Website.
Small Claims Return Dates are heard every Tuesday at 9:00 am.

Who do I contact if I have questions about Small Claims?

                         Clerk of Circuit Court
                         800 Clermont Street
                         Antigo, WI 54409

     ***Please have your case number(s) available before calling.  Our office only looks up by case number.*** 

What types of issues are covered in Small Claims Court?

Money Claims
     - Limit of $10,000
     - Return of Property
Tort/Personal Injury
     - Limit of $5,000

See the Small Claims Guide for other less common types of cases


How do I file a Small Claims?


Small claims forms assistant

The small claims forms assistant site guides you through the process of filing a small claims legal claim in Wisconsin. By answering a series of questions this interactive site will help you to fill out necessary forms, print blank forms, or download a basic guide to small claims actions for each county.                         OR                        AND
  • Declaration of Nonmilitary Service
  • File the forms  
  • Receive a return date 
    • The return date is the initial appearance in the Small Claims case.
  • Pay the Filing Fee 
    • $94.50 + possible service fee 
  • Service of Summons and Complaint 
    • If personal service is required – you (the Plaintiff) are required to have the document(s) served by the Sheriff’s Department or a private process server. If mail service is allowed, the Clerk of Court's Office may mail the document(s) for $2.00/defendant, or $8/defendant for certified mail.

I was granted a judgment by the Court – Now what?

The Court may grant allowable court costs 
  • Docket the judgment
    •  You may pay a $5.00 Docket Fee which adds the judgment to the civil lien index
  • Financial Disclosure
    • Debtor is required to complete and return to you within 15-days of entry of judgment – If debtor does not complete Financial Disclosure, you may file a contempt motion.
  • Garnishments
    • Please refer to Earnings Garnishment forms here.
    • Please refer to Non-Earnings Garnishment forms here.

The judgment was paid 

  • Satisfaction of Judgment 
    • Plaintiff completes the form and gives to the debtor for filing with the Clerk of Court with the $5.00 fee. This will satisfy the judgment.

Need more information?

Refer to the Wisconsin Guide to Small Claims Court for a complete overview, forms and instructions.  Click here for an overview of all small claims forms and guides.