Search and Copy Requests

In person:  Come to the Clerk of Court's Office and utilize the public access computer to locate the case file you are requesting.  If you are unable to locate your case number or wish to have Clerk of Court staff locate this for you, a $5 statutory research fee must be paid.  If the case file has been scanned, the file can be viewed on the public access terminal and you may request to purchase documents directly from the computer.  The cost of printed documents is $1.25/page.  If the record is NOT scanned, request the file from counter staff who will pull the file for your viewing.  If you require copies, a clerk will make the copies for you at the statutory rate of $1.25/page.  We can certify copies for an additional $5/case number. 

By mail:  You may call our office and provide the case number, document name and filing date for the documents you wish to purchase.  If you do not provide your case number, a $5 statutory research fee must be paid.  We can pull the file and provide you with the page count and cost to purchase the documents you are requesting.  The cost to obtain documents is $1.25/page. If you need certified copies there is a $5/case number fee.  We can then send the copies to you in your self-addressed stamped envelope.  We require pre-payment prior to sending any information through the mail.  If you have any questions, please call the Clerk of Court's office at 715-627-6215.