Civil lawsuits include but are not limited to:

Foreclosure types of cases
Money Claims
     - Over $10,000
Personal Injury
Property Damage
Legal Name Change
Restraining Orders

Filing fees vary depending upon the case type.  Civil lawsuits are more complex and may require the help of an attorney. 


How do I find information about foreclosure mediation?


All foreclosure’s must have the following attached to the Summons and Complaint and served on defendants.
  • Notice of Availability of Mediation
  • Mediation Request form
You may also choose to view our local rules for foreclosure mediation information.

Forms available from Dispute Solutions at Wisconsin Foreclosure Mediation Network are available here.


How do I file for legal name change?

Basic Steps for Handling Name Change
Forms for legal name change can be found here.


How do I get information about a restraining order?

Please contact our office at:

                        Clerk of Circuit Court
                         800 Clermont Street
                         Antigo, WI 54409