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Public Health Services

Services to Keep Adults Healthy

  • Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
  • Worksite Health Promotion with a monthly newsletter available
  • Wisconsin Well Women Program
  • Information on AIDS/HIV
  • Sexually Transmitted Disease Follow-Up
  • Immunizations: including tetanus, tetanus w/pertussis, flu and pneumonia

Services to Keep Children Healthy

  • Childhood Immunizations
  • Car Seat Program
  • Child Health Screening: including physical exam, hearing, vision, growth and development assessments and nutrition assessment and counseling
  • Lead Screening
  • Supplemental Fluoride Tablets: for children who receive their drinking water from a well
  • School Health Promotion:  hearing/vision screenings, injury prevention and safety education
  • Day Care Health Promotion:  including health education and communicable disease prevention and control

Services to Protect the Health of Everyone in the Community

  • Information and Linkage to State of Wisconsin Inspectors
  • Investigation and Control of food and water borne illness
  • Indoor Air Education
  • Human Health Hazard Complaint Investigations and Intervention
  • Well Water Testing

Committees that you can join to help promote a healthy Langlade County:

  • Building a Healthier Langlade County
  • Immunization Coalition
  • SADD Teen Health
  • Aids Taskforce
  • Action Alliance
  • Healthy Ways