Passport Services:
The County Treasurer and County Clerk Offices are officially designated as a passport application acceptance facility. Walk-In applications are accepted between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
To apply for a U.S. Passport, you will need the following:
Proof of Citizenship: U.S. born persons need to submit their Original Certified U.S. Birth Certificate along with a clear photocopy.
Minors age 16-17: Minors age 16 and 17 must execute the application. One parent should accompany minors ages 16 and 17 unless the minor has a valid driver’s license (not a learner’s permit).
Children under the age of 16: All minors must be present and both parents must execute the application and provide ID. Original Proof of Parental Relationship must also be submitted. Proof of Parental Relationship may include a U.S. birth certificate.
Proof of Identity:Bring necessary original documents and photocopy of front and back of ID.
Photographs: You must submit 1 passport photograph 2X2 inches in size (no exceptions) taken within the past 6 months. Passport photos can be obtained at the County Treasurer’s Office and the County Clerk’s Office for a fee of $10, payable at the time of the application.
Fees: All fees are set by the Department of State and are non-refundable. All passport processing facilities charge the same fees. The Passport Application fee must be paid by check or money order payable to the “U.S. Department of State” A separate check/money order is required for each application. In the lower left portion of check/money order reference applicant’s full name and date of birth.
Facility Acceptance Fee can be paid by cash, check or money order payable to Langlade County.
For further information, contact the County Treasurer at 715-627-6204 or County Clerk at 715-627-6200.